15+ Free Drawing Lessons to Unlock Your Artistic Potential and Master the Basics

15+ Free Drawing Lessons to Unlock Your Artistic Potential and Master the Basics

Two evergreen and engrossing pastimes, sketching and drawing, have a certain charm that has no bounds when it comes to age, culture, or ability level. These artistic pursuits are really about more than just making marks with a pen or a paintbrush; they offer a portal to a limitless realm of self-expression.

A captivating quality of sketching and drawing is its capacity to function as a visual language, enabling individuals to convey intricate emotions, concepts, and stories without speaking a word. So, with that in mind, let’s learn some simple techniques for being an expert sketcher and artist!


Because of their basic form and details, houses are one of the first subjects taught to children in kindergarten. Find more ideas on how to draw one below:

When you’re happy with the layout, you may add on features like a garden, garage, or more rooms if you choose.


This is going to be perfect for you if you love dogs! Dogs are easy to draw, and you can even try drawing your own puppy! 


Even a beginner may draw this fish with remarkable results:


It shouldn’t be hard to create simple and funny car models; if you need some ideas, check out the example below:

COOL FACT: A fascinating fact is that when you sit down to sketch, time seems to freeze. Even in a society where technology is all the rage, taking the time to sit quietly with a pencil and paper may help you focus on the present moment. The meditative condition induced by the fluid dance of hand and tool allows artists to escape the chaos of everyday life and enter a domain of unadulterated invention.


The ocean, sand, sun, sky, reflection of the sky in the water, and tropical trees are all essential components of a beach scene that must be skillfully sketched. Take a look at this model if you’d rather not complicate things when drawing a beach:


If you separate a rose into its component parts, as seen below, drawing the flower becomes much easier:

Wildlife Birds

Start by drawing little lines, like you would link dots in a dot-to-dot image if you are unsure of how to design a bird. Also, consider the following model:


When it comes to sketching, dandelions are a popular choice since they don’t require a lot of details, so the final product is delicate and simple. See this adorable dandelion:


Each piece adds intricacy to mandalas, which is what makes them so beautiful! So let’s say you begin with a circle or diamond form; to make it more like an embrace, you may simply add lines and dots, as many as you want. Colors are essential! Brighter shades are recommended at first.


Drawing a horse is another incredible experience. Despite its seeming complexity, its body is very similar to a dog’s. Therefore, why not begin at that point?! It only takes a few basic steps, beginning with the head and moving down to the body, utilizing geometric shapes and lines, to replicate this look:

Here’s something amazing: When it comes to sketching and drawing, there are no limits or regulations. They are a joyous commemoration of one’s distinct personality and character. The emotional state, worldview, and artistic approach of the artist are conveyed in every brushstroke. Along the way, the artist discovers not just their creative potential but also their own unique set of experiences, perspectives, and emotions.


Surely, everyone can appreciate a lovely robot! Using only geometric shapes and a few colors, drawing robots is both easy and entertaining. If you want one of these adorable things, you may choose its color scheme, form, and more from this model:

Spongebob Squarepants

Drawing SpongeBob SquarePants is the pinnacle of artistic achievement. Given Spongebob’s simplistic visual style, it’s easy to replicate, making it a perfect medium for honing one’s creative abilities. Try your hand at drawing Spongebob Squarepants by following this model:

Hairstyle inspired by anime

If you enjoy anime, you will really adore this! Anime hair is likely the most recognizable characteristic of anime characters. The hairstyles seen in anime frequently have unrealistically severe spikes and curls. Cool!

How about some Anime eyes:


Drawn accurately, eyes are extremely challenging. Luckily, if you want your artwork to have eyes that look natural and expressive, you can learn a few basic strategies. To spark ideas, snap a selfie and zoom into your eyes. The pupil is the most visible component, so let’s start with it. Finish by smearing the crayon slightly after adding some nude colors.

Underwater hair 

Aside from the face, the hair is another difficult body component to draw accurately. Is underwater hair a good option? If you want spectacular results, follow these steps:


Given the fact that genuine items, rather than reference pictures, may serve as sources of inspiration, fruit is an ever-popular subject for artists. Identifying geometric forms with fruit is a good place to start. Merging them into one design can provide better results; for example, you may sketch a traditional fruit basket or, if you’re in the festive mood, a cornucopia.


Trees are a great source of creativity and beauty when drawn. Without them, the entire scene would be flat and lack depth. Learn how to draw trees by checking out some WikiHow tips and tricks!

As a kind of visual narrative, sketching and drawing go beyond the boundaries of conventional art. Artists convey stories to audiences using gestural language that touches them deeply. It is a demonstration of the strength of visual communication that even a basic drawing can make people feel something and think about something.

What’s your favorite thing to draw? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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