AMD Disease finally comes with a cure?

AMD Disease finally comes with a cure?

There is a new experimental drug in town which promises to treat an incurable eye disease: the age-related macular degeneration (AMD).  Vision loss caused by AMD affects a million seniors across the United States of America and 5 million seniors worldwide.

There should be a time in our lives when one should enjoy veteran years: traveling, reading, and socializing. All these activities are very difficult to accomplish without your vision.

Lampalizumab is an experimental drug which tries to slow down the destruction process of the light-sensing cells in the retina. These light-sensing cells determine lesions which are named by ophthalmologists as “geographic atrophy”. Unfortunately, the death of these cells is permanent, causing irreversible vision loss.

A study conducted on 129 subjects, who were given monthly eye injections of lampalizumab, showed that the drug slows down the destruction process of the cells. The study gives hope, even though the subjects’ number was low.

In case you wonder why this disease affects seniors, the answer lies in the immune system. The barrier that prevents infections from affecting the retina breaks down as one grows old.

Lampalizumab drug tries to help the immune system, working as an antibody by using factor D enzyme. Basically, this drug serves as a break. Further research is expected later this year and the science community cannot be more excited.

How to prevent this disease? Scientist advice people over 60 to exercise regularly, try to smoke less and eat plenty of greens. Remember that symptoms are not immediately detective and it can take several consultations to give an accurate diagnostic. There are also several types of this disease, such as the dry or the wet forms. Different types of this disease imply different treatment plans. Our advice to you is to please make sure you go on regular checkups and enjoy the most of your spare time.

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