Migraine Sufferers can Rejoice: A Breakthrough Drug Erenumab to Half the Length of Suffering Time

Migraine Sufferers can Rejoice: A Breakthrough Drug Erenumab to Half the Length of Suffering Time

Scientists have developed an antibody which blocks the neural brain pathway CGRP, in order to prevent attacks. It is the first lab-made antibody in 20 years to halve the length of time migraine sufferers have to endure.

More on Erenumab

The investigation was conducted by Professor Peter Goadsby from King College Hospital in London. He believes that the discovery is very important due to the fact that, only in the U.K more than 8.5 million people experience migraine. Long exposure is also linked to depression.

The scientists conducted a trial in which 1,000 patients were used. Out of the 1,000 patients, 500 reported that the duration of the migraine was halved using this drug.

Migraines: a difficult condition

Those who suffer from migraines struggle with their daily life activities. This condition is debilitating and it is characterized by low energy, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances, sensitivity to noise and light, as well as an intense headache. A migraine can last from four hours to three days.

This headache disorder usually begins during puberty, but it can also appear in adulthood. Most of the times, those who experience migraines feel only half of the head in pain.

What causes migraines?

According to scientists, two thirds of migraines run in families and the rest are determined by environmental factors. Another additional cause might be a change in hormone levels.

Available medication is ibuprofen, paracetamol and nausea medication. Stronger medications used are triptan and ergotamines. In order to prevent future attacks, some are prescribed by health workers metoprolol, valproate and topiramate. 15% of the global population is affected by migraines. The worst age for migraines is the middle age, and it is believed that women experience less pain during pregnancy and menopause.

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