Medical Marijuana Dispensary to be opened in Williamsport

Medical Marijuana Dispensary to be opened in Williamsport

Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has given permits to 27 entities found in this state to open medical marijuana dispensaries. This also includes one in Lycoming County. Consequently, the Keystone Center of Integrative Wellness, LLC, is planning to open one such dispensary on 1322 W. Fourth Street, Williamsport. They have their HQ in Carlisle, and the agency is a female run one, as it was written down in the permit application sent to the Department of Health.

New Plans for the Place

According to the permit application, there are plans to renovate the building measuring 2,600 square feet. On the left rear of the building, we are going to see the dispensary delivery garage. It will be cut out of public view, being fully enclosed, as the application shows.

Moreover, the agency showed the plans they have in order to become partners for Uber and Lyft. As such, they will be able to provide some discounted transportation. They want to hire social workers, as well as service coordinators, instead of the usual dispensary agents. The employees are going to assist patients in applying for transportation.

What’s more, the agency also plans to be a part of the local programs that aim to eradicate childhood hunger. One such example is the Backpack program at the Williamsport Area School District.

A Legal Business

The state of Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana through a bill they passed back in April 2016. This lets it be used for a number of 17 medical conditions, among which you can find cancer or PTSD. People who are patients are not allowed to smoke it or grow it at home. The law says that they can only take it as a pill, ointment, oil or liquid which you can vaporize and inhale.

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