Health Canada Demands that Medical Cannabis Producers Undergo Pesticide Tests

Health Canada Demands that Medical Cannabis Producers Undergo Pesticide Tests

Health Canada is mandating pesticide testing for all medical cannabis manufacturers.

Pesticide substances found in various products from several medical marijuana manufacturers

Ottawa is currently requiring that the country’s licensed medical marijuana producers screen all of their products for all banned pesticides. This comes as a result of finding a few unauthorized contaminants from more growers after some random spot tests.

Cronos statement states that:

Health Canada that upon testing a random cannabis leaf sample, trace levels of Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) were discovered at 0.78 parts per million (ppm). PBO is an organic compound known as a synergist.

Myclobutanil is a chemical substance used for killing mildew and it has cancerous effects. This is the reason for which it is prohibited for use on plants destined for smoking, as it produces hydrogen cyanide when it’s heated.

This requirement for mandatory testing for the presence of unauthorized pesticides will help ensure that Canadians can continue to have confidence in obtaining safe, quality-controlled medical cannabis from licensed producers,”

Said a statement from the Department spokesperson Eric Morrissette sent to the Globe and Mail.


Zero-tolerance approach due to the highly dangerous effects of pesticides

Health Canada plans on taking a “zero-tolerance” approach on dangerous pesticides, if they are to be discovered and the manufacturer companies are bound to lose their licenses. After the banned chemicals were discovered in some producers, Health Canada officials confessed that they hadn’t been testing for such substance, instead they were taking the companies’ word.

Harmful chemicals are a widely known issue in the black market and this is the fourth time in less than half a year that the government-regulated sector had been confronted with a cannabis problem.

Hundreds of patients who were exposed to myclobutanil have come forward complaining of severe health issues including breathing problems, persistent headaches, nausea, muscle pain, and blistering rashes.

Health Minister Jane Philpott does not want to comment the situation in any way.

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  1. This is what happens when millions of dollars are involved and you let the fox guard the hen house the health minister should be fired this happened because she didn’t do her job.


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