Common Surgical Problems and Procedures

Common Surgical Problems and Procedures

Today, having a clean bill of health is quite an achievement, with all the different problems that can occur. There are many issues that arise and can cause quite a ruckus in our daily lifestyles, disrupting our regular schedules and just making things insufferable for us. Luckily, there are also a lot of surgical procedures that help get rid of these problems so that we may get back to our normal lifestyles. Here are some of the most common issues and the surgical procedures that save the day.


This is a condition that occurs when there is an inflammation at the level of the appendix and one of its most common symptoms is abdominal pain.  The appendix is a branch-out from the large intestine. It takes a tubular form and it can get infected, thus leading to this condition.

The solution: Appendectomy

This procedure allows the medical operators to remove the appendix thus also removing the spawn of the infection. It is a pretty standard procedure and it is often practiced in order to help the many people which develop appendicitis.


A stroke is a medical condition where the blood flow to the brain is blocked due to a clot. This leads to swelling in the brain which is obviously not a good thing. While it’s a lot more serious than appendicitis for example, it’s still very common to see.

The solution: Stereotaxic surgery

This requires a precise surgical intervention. First, medical experts had to study this type of condition on rodents, and for that employing proper stereotaxic surgery equipment was paramount. Now, however, they can safely execute the procedure on humans and it’s much less invasive than other types of surgery.

Birth complications

Many women are lucky enough to go through a child delivery without any kind of complications. However, for some, things aren’t that simple and a straightforward vaginal delivery could put the mother, the baby or both in danger.

The solution: Cesarean section

This procedure is also referred to as a C-Section. It is an alternative way of delivering a baby, by making an incision in the mother’s abdomen but also her uterus.  Delivering the baby this way can leave marks on the woman’s body, but in many situations it is the safer way to go, as it can successfully support the birth of a baby in less than optimal conditions.


These are cloudy formations that cover the lens of the eye. The result is that vision becomes obstructed and it is obviously an impediment. This is a pretty commonly seen condition and luckily there’s a solution for it.

The solution: Cataract surgery

This procedure removes the body of the cataract, thus leaving the eye’s lens clear like again. This is done by using ultrasound techniques to remove the cloudy matter. In some cases, the lens is taken down completely.

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