The Millennials need vegan options in the workplace

The Millennials need vegan options in the workplace

The Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are very demanding when it comes to their working places. Tech.Co has been writing tips and tricks for companies in order to attract the millennials into their companies. According to Krister Ungerboeck, a coach for the business consulting firm called CEOGrowth, the sought-after generation (another nickname for the millennials) are different from past generations. It is important for them to have a pleasant environment at their workplace.

Tips and tricks to keep millennials motivated and working:

First of all, it is important for the company to create an inclusive environment for all the diverse backgrounds the millennials come from. For example, a good manager should learn about all the employees before coming with a pizza during a team meeting. Millennials are very versatile when it comes to their diet, and many would go for gluten free or vegan options.

Secondly, when organizing office parties, it is also important to offer a variety of foods and drinks: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, celiac, kosher etc.

Thirdly, according to Patrick Sugrue, the CEO of Salasworks, it is important to offer plant-based protein in the menu. Apparently, the millennials are much more concerned with their diet and they enjoy healthier options.

Many millennials practice veganism. This implies not using or consuming animal products, especially into their diet. There are different types of vegans, such as ethical vegan (people who not only abstain from eating animal products, but also use the philosophy in other areas of their lives); dietary vegans (people who only abstain from consuming animal products: meat, eggs, dairy); environmental vegans (people who apart from abstaining from consuming animal products, also firmly believe that both harvesting and industrial farming are damaging for the environment).

All in all, the millennials are much more diverse as their predecessor and some of them will reject a job offer if vegan options are not available.

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