Foods That Will Improve The Sleeping Pattern And Lower The Risk Of Diabetes and Obesity

Foods That Will Improve The Sleeping Pattern And Lower The Risk Of Diabetes and Obesity

There can be multiple reasons when an individual does not get a good enough sleep, but its importance should not be underestimated at any cost because sleep has an important say in every individual’s health condition. This fact was proven with the help of a study conducted by a researcher from the University of Leeds who found a correlation between the number of hours an individual sleeps and their waist measurement. For instance, a person who slept only six hours every night was three centimeters greater than those used to sleep nine hours every night.

The study started from the premise that obesity is a main factor in the later development of type 2 Diabetes. There were 1615 participants in the study and they were not only examined based on their diets, weight or hours of sleep, but also blood pressure, levels of cholesterol, blood sugar and even thyroid function. Moreover, it was found that the individuals with less hours of sleep were more likely to suffer from obesity or be overweight. Therefore, at the end of the study it was highlighted the connection between sleeping well and having an equilibrated diet.

Bananas – these fruits have amazing properties that can help induce sleeping, such as: a high level of magnesium that functions as a muscle and nerve relaxer and also its rich content in carbohydrates activates tryptophan, which is also responsible for inducing the drowsy state before falling asleep.

Honey – has a double role: it prevents the activation of orexin, a neuropeptide that makes the individual alert and also encourages the production of tryptophan.


Almonds – this kind of food is well-known for having amino acids and magnesium that also functions as a muscle and never relaxer.


Oatmeal–one adequate meal before sleep will help the production of melatonin which is responsible for inducing sleep.


Milk – Ending the day with a glass of milk it’s a good idea since its tryptophan will calm the nerve and speed up the process of falling asleep.

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