Diet Drinks Are Worse That Sugary Ones And The Reason Will Surprise You 

Diet Drinks Are Worse That Sugary Ones And The Reason Will Surprise You 

How does your brain work when you eat artificially sweetened drinks or food? Well, the brain is getting confused and thinks that the diet food or beverage has less calories and it doesn’t need to work much on burning them.

Researchers from the Yale University, US say that the metabolism drops and stores fat from the products. This thing will affect consumers’ health.

Your Brain Burns Less Calories When it Doesn’t Recognize Sweetness in Diet Products

The study led by Professor Dana Small was published in the journal Current Biology.

They conducted the research on 15 people who had their brains scanned when they consumed diet drinks. There were other people who had brain scans when they drank regular drinks. After that it was seen that the energy burned was different. The brain didn’t register that the diet food had calories and would make them eat more to satisfy the need. So not only calories have a purpose in a healthy metabolic activity, the perception of sweetness helps the brain too.

As humans need to consume calories in order to produce energy, metabolism will use any resource, but the most efficient and healthy ones are the natural sources. The modern, processed food and drinks are not healthy for our metabolism, as they don’t come from nature.

Although the study was backed by a lot of research, including brain scans and monitoring the people that took part in the research, a lot of people are unconvinced. We are aware of the fact that processed food is no longer natural after it was previously altered through different methods, but who could resist sweets or soft drinks?

Taking into consideration that being healthy is the most important thing, a lot of people who are now aware of this fact will probably change their diet and eat less unnatural or artificially sweetened food.

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