A New Study Has Found That Most Preschoolers Eat Too Much Sugar

A New Study Has Found That Most Preschoolers Eat Too Much Sugar

Many preschool students consume more than the appropriate quantity of sugar a day, according to recent research from the Guelph University. The research published in the Journal Open of the Canadian Medical Association examined the participants enrolled in the multiannual health survey of 109 children aged 18 months to 5 years from the Guelph region. Parents wrote what kids ate every day.

“We were anticipating that they’re probably having a little more sugar in their diet than they should be having. But we were certainly surprised by eight in 10. That’s a lot,” explained Professor David Ma. “It certainly highlights that we need to do more research to reconfirm this in larger populations or in different populations. But at least it gives us a starting point in a sense that it’s potentially a significant matter that parents should be aware of as it pertains to their children’s diet,” he added.

When children are exposed to the amounts of sugar in soda, fruit drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks, they experience negative health effects, including obesity or tooth decay. Research shows that preschool children get most of their added sugars from foods and beverages, so parents can be instrumental in minimizing their child’s sugar intake.

Kids are notoriously picky eaters, but parents can help reduce sugary food intake by offering their children a variety of fruits and vegetables and serving water instead of sugary drinks. Parents can also limit the number of servings of high in free or added sugars and should encourage their children to eat more foods from these groups. Choose healthier snacks. Instead of cookies, crackers, and pretzels, serve graham crackers, popcorn, and nuts. Instead of cakes and pies, serve fresh fruit. Instead of candy, serve some healthy cookies

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