10 Sure Ways to Detox Your Entire Body

10 Sure Ways to Detox Your Entire Body

Usually, your body does a pretty great job of cleaning itself. There are many ways in which it gets rid of toxins, ensuring that you live a happy, healthy life. However, due to the fast-paced nature of today’s world, many of us are coming in contact with more toxins than our body can handle sometimes. Therefore, if you want to stay healthy, you need to give your body a helping hand and detox from time to time. Here are ten simple ways in which you can do that.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate and the hydrate again

Don’t forget that your body is more than 60% water. Most of us take that for granted, but making sure to replenish your body’s water reserves is crucial. Water helps you flush out toxins more effectively at a pretty rapid pace. Tea is also a good alternative to water if you’re looking for something that packs a bit more flavor, but make sure it doesn’t have caffeine in it, because caffeine actually dehydrates you.

  1. Consume probiotics

Probiotics are an important ally in maintaining your health, and they can help you get rid of toxins in a jiffy. Probiotics improve upon the good bacteria in your intestines, thus helping the entire digestive system. They can be found in pickled foods and dark chocolate, as well as a few varieties of yogurt.

  1. Eat garlic

Remember when your mom used to tell you that eating garlic is good for your health? Well, that wasn’t yet another old wives tale. Garlic can boost your immune system, which in turn will make sure that your body effectively flushes out toxins and is safe from any kind of exterior harm.

  1. Drink ginger lemonade

…and not just because it tastes good. The combination of ginger and lemon is actually an amazing way to boost your digestion, and what better way to combine them than in a tasty lemonade? Go ahead, squeeze up a couple of lemons, mince some ginger and throw it in the mix and enjoy your good health.

  1. Cut back on refined sugar

It would be best if you could just quit it altogether, but we all know how unpleasant going cold turkey on sugar is. Thus, you can reduce your intake slowly, and then cut it out completely when you feel the time has come.

  1. Eat lots of beets

Beets are good for your liver, and thus help you detox more effectively. And the best thing about them is that they’re delicious! You can easily include them in salads or as sides for steaks.

  1. Introduce apple cider vinegar

Recent studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can work wonders on digestive health, so don’t be afraid to introduce it into your diet. You can start by using it as a delicious dressing for salads (maybe even a red beet salad)!

  1. Green tea in the morning

Coffee might be tasty, but it’s awfully dehydrating and it can be extremely bad for your digestive tract. Therefore, consider replacing it with green tea in the morning for that much-needed caffeine boost.

  1. Sleep well

People often underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well is vital for a number of reasons, and that includes getting rid of toxins.

  1. Exercise

Exercising on the regular can work wonders for your health for a number of reasons. However, not many people are aware that you also flush out a number of nasty toxins during your daily exercise. And as a bonus, you’ll look fantastic. Therefore, consider giving a proper workout routine a try.

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