Top Tips To Get A Thigh Gap

Top Tips To Get A Thigh Gap

Are you one of the girls that don’t have a thigh gap and would do anything to get one? You surely stumbled across the right article, as we are here to tell you why getting a thigh gap should definitely not be your priority in life. There are many things to get hung up about but this just isn’t one of them. Of course, having a thigh gap isn’t something wrong, so girls that do have a thigh gap shouldn’t feel like this is putting them down. However, today’s society has a tendency to shun people that don’t fit their exact criteria of what’s beautiful and what’s not. You can learn more about what it means to get a thigh gap at Here, we’ll give you a couple of examples of ways in which having thick thighs works to your advantage.

Keeping warm

The thigh gap area is going to get an unwelcomed breeze in the Winter or Fall if you do have a thigh gap. That’s definitely not one of the moments that will make you thank the heavens above for giving you a thigh gap. The ones that will be thanking will be the girls that have thick thighs. Having solid thighs will keep that area very warm and you won’t have to worry about the wind or cold weather messing with your privates.

Never drop your phone

Going to the bathroom without taking your phone is something ripped out of myth. No one does that anymore, or rather everyone does it if you are referring to taking your phone with you. However, it’s also in human nature to be clumsy or just have a bad day and often times people drop their phones. Now, you can guess what happens when you drop your phone in front of you while at the bathroom and you have a thigh gap. If you have thick thighs however you won’t have to fear for the safety of your brand new expensive phone.

You are a lot more resistant and being strong is being sexy

Skinny girls that have thigh gaps will often complain and you’ll hear them cry about how tired they are when the party is just getting started. When it’s barely past midnight and you are still dancing hard in the club, they will give anything for a place to sit down and a cab home. You will enjoy yourself a ton more when you have thick thighs. But life isn’t just about partying, so if you’re doing anything else that requires movement and using your legs, you can bet that you’re going to have the upper hand (or leg, this case).

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