Don’t Skip Leg Day – How Leg Exercise Benefits Your Whole Body

Don’t Skip Leg Day – How Leg Exercise Benefits Your Whole Body

Leg day is a controversial thing in fitness world as it is both loved and dreaded. Whilst some rave about it and the effects it has on the body as a whole, some skip the gym just to get it out of the way. Leg day is an intense workout, we’re not disputing that, but it is essential to your workout for various reasons.

There are plenty of reasons why you should not skip such a training session again and they are pretty obvious: increased strength, increased testosterone, better mental strength and improved body symmetry. But leg training has such a big impact on your body that you are probably unaware of all the benefits you get from this type of workout.

Here are five more reasons why you should never skip a leg day again:

  1. No More Back Pains

If you’re fitness goal is gaining muscle mass you will find that most workout routines focus on the upper body. Whilst this provides you with excellent results, you will also find it that you start feeling pain in the back. Without leg workouts, you will not have strong glutes and without strong glutes you will not have a happy, healthy back as all the extra strain goes straight to your back. However, if you train your legs you will find it that the sore back become nothing but a memory of the past.

  1. Increased Fat Loss

Training your legs also burns more calories as working the lower part of your body will kick off that fat burning process. Be consistent and don’t skip the gym on leg days anymore as you will get your heart rate pumping and the fat shedding off of all the unwanted places it is stored on.

  1. Increased Athletic Performance

Training your legs will increase your core as you will become stronger, faster and bigger. In other words, your athletic performance will suffer a complete transformation. Obviously, as your athletic performance increases, you will become better at any sport you may practice and you will achieve better results whilst avoiding the risk of injuries or tissue tears.

  1. Stimulates the Growth Hormone

Workouts that focus on training the big muscles in your legs are known to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone. Doing so will result in a more balanced physique and this should definitely be one of your goals if it isn’t already.

  1. Increased Flexibility

Not only will you stimulate the release of GH, increase athletic performance and burn fat quicker, but you will also come to realise how much more flexible you are as flexibility is one of the great outcomes of lower body training.

You need to remember that whilst you rely on your legs to carry you everywhere, this is not working them out as they should. Unless you commute to work and decide to leave the car home for a 10 mile fast-paced walk instead. Don’t neglect them and start attending those leg days at the gym today, once you get past the pain you will see the difference it makes and never go back to skipping one ever again.

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