The First Person Who Got a Breast Cancer Vaccine is Waiting for the Results

The First Person Who Got a Breast Cancer Vaccine is Waiting for the Results

Cancer remains one of the top leading causes of death in the world, and each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people die of this disease in the US. Breast cancer is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of women across the world. While it needs to be said that people suffering from this form of cancer in an early stage manage their condition successfully using treatment, the world would use more ways of fighting cancer. 

How about a vaccine to get rid of cancer? It surely sounds like too good to be true for many folks, but for a woman who lives in the American state of Ohio, it might mean more than that.

Breast cancer vaccine available for the public in 4 or 5 years?

A trial for a breast cancer vaccine is underway at the Cleveland Clinic after the initial development has been conducted for about 20 years. At the clinic, a woman from Ohio was the first person to receive such a vaccination back in 2021. Her name is Jennifer Davis, according to Fox News. As for now, she’s waiting for the results.

Jennifer Davis tried to treat her condition with chemotherapy, 26 rounds of radiation, and even surgery. The treatment worked, but her concerns haven’t gone away.

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Speaking for Fox News Digital, the woman said, as Fox News quotes:

Triple-negative cancer is so aggressive and recurrence is really, really high — the prognosis is not the greatest,

And there was nothing I could take following treatment. Once treatment is over, there’s no pill or anything that gives you that peace of mind that it’s not going to come back.

The woman also stated, as the same source quotes:

It used to be that for every little headache, I would think I might have a brain tumor, and if my arm started to hurt, I’d think I had bone cancer,

There was that constant worry that something has turned into something else. But after the vaccine, even though I don’t know the results of it yet, I don’t have that worry anymore, which has been wonderful.

For the moment, there is no single vaccine that has been approved to be used against cancer.



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