How Much the Face Masks Can Protect Us Against the COVID-19

How Much the Face Masks Can Protect Us Against the COVID-19

If a face mask is not fitted correctly or used, they’re almost useless, explained the specialists. Most significantly, if a face mask is not the right type, it won’t protect you from COVID-19. Doctors recommend using a face mask only when the breakdown is spreading within your community. China’s industry of face masks tries its best at keeping with millions of requests.

In Japan, for example, thousands of face masks have been stolen by thieves. The high-request of face masks could cause shortages in hospitals, where they’re needed the most. We’ve already witnessed that nurses and doctors are very vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis. Misusing the face masks or buying too many can negatively affect the ones who need them so much in such an unfortunate period. Try to stay indoors as much as you can and start to prioritize all your stuff. Staying at home will save others’ lives.

Use a Face Mask Only If You Want

According to Joseph Kwan from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, you should use a face mask only if you live in a crowded area that has been exposed to the disease. If you get sick, you could also wear a face mask. The best thing that you can do is to stay as far away as possible from crowded places and try not to get too close to people (6 feet).

“Surgical masks should be enough to protect from respiratory viruses in general when there is no close contact with cases, but has soon as these masks are humid, they should be changed,” explained Inna Ricaro-Lax from the Rockefeller University. 

Types of Face Masks That Can Protect You From COVID-19

Surgical masks are made to keep the pathogens inside the surgeon’s nose and mouth outside the patient. Their influence on an active virus breakdown is medium at best. Without any training, most of us don’t know how to use a face mask properly.

As for the respirator face masks, they are proved to be more efficient against COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are now less available. It is recommended not to use them if you don’t have a proper reason.

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