Best Helpful Apps for People with Dyslexia

Best Helpful Apps for People with Dyslexia

People with dyslexia can have a hard time reading or writing. Modern technology should help them by creating assistive technology for them. Some of the most recommended apps existent so far are:

  • SnapType Pro

This app allows users to overlay text boxes onto photos of worksheets and texts. In turn, the user can take advantage of a keyboard and the voice-to-text features to write homework. Many teachers ask students to use workbooks and complete tasks by hand.

  • Pocket

This app offers assistive technology for reader, while also keeps them up-to date with current events. Those who enjoy reading stories on the internet can use Pocket thanks to its text-to-speech functions. People with dyslexia will definitely enjoy the fact the feature allowing text-to-speech function.

  • Adobe Voice

This app is a great help for people with dyslexia to create videos and presentations. The app is a great alternative to the boring slideshows and everyone loves animated videos. The app allows voice narration and images within the slides and it is free on iTunes.

  • Mental Note

This digital notepad is great for those who struggle taking notes. It is a multi-sensory app allowing users to create custom notes using text, audio, images, photos and others. The price of the app is $3.99.

  • Cite It In

This online service is a very useful tool when writing papers such as a college thesis. The service makes adding references a stress-free activity and it gives the option of choosing from three writing style: APA, MLA and Chicago.

  • Inspiration Maps

This app is great for those who enjoy visualizing their work. It uses maps, diagrams and graphics for organizing complex concepts and elaborating projects. Its cost is of $9.99 on iTunes for the extensive version.

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