Pfizer Develops Covid Pill and Allows Emerging Nations to Use the Formula

Pfizer Develops Covid Pill and Allows Emerging Nations to Use the Formula

After providing the world with an effective and safe mRNA Coivd-19 vaccine, the US pharmaceutical company, Pfizer has decided to share he science behind its Covid pill. The Pfizer Covid pill has had great results in clinical trials and has been deemed safe by health organizations. The pill can cut severe cases and prevent deaths.

Pfizer will not receive royalties from certain emerging countries

Pfizer decided not to ask for royalties from several developing countries and make sure everyone benefits from the pill. Otherwise, the costs would have been impossible to cover for many nations. Sources mention that once the agreement with the UN-backed Medicines Patent Pool not-for-profit goes through, at least 53% of the world’s population could benefit from the Covid pill.

The pill could be on the market in the following months, and the company already sent the necessary documentation to health regulators such as the FDA and the EUA. Some of the countries that will benefit from Pfizer’s decision are from Africa and Asia. Unfortunately, some of the countries with the largest numbers of infected people will have to pay royalties for the pill, including Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand.

At the beginning of the month, the company announced that clinical trials proved the Covid pill has an 89% efficiency in preventing deaths and severe diseases due to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The company’s CEO, Albert Bourla, declared during an interview for CNBC:

The antiviral pills are “for people that already they got the disease. This is for sick people, the goal here is to prevent people from getting sick.”

The Pfizer pill should not be taught of as an alternative to vaccination

Pfizer’s CEO explained during the above-mentioned interview that the pill does not replace the Covid-19 vaccination. The pill is used as a treatment for infected people; however, vaccination against the virus is the best weapon. The pill will help those vulnerable, such as the elderly, from experiencing severe Covid symptoms or even dying.

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