Weight Loss, As Well As The Weight Gain, Can Be Influenced By The Intestinal Flora, Genes, And Hormones

Weight Loss, As Well As The Weight Gain, Can Be Influenced By The Intestinal Flora, Genes, And Hormones

Many people could believe that the struggle against weight gain is a simple act of strength of will, but scientific evidence suggests the contrary. BBC revealed a series of facts about overweight that could be surprisingly impacting your weight. Weight loss is, therefore, influenced by intestinal flora or microbiota, genes, and hormones. Let’s see how!

Intestinal flora – Microbiota

In a BBC documentary, the producers presented the story of Jackie and Gillian, who are twins. There is a difference between them, however, because one of the twins weighs 100 pounds more than the other.

Professor Tim Spector has been monitoring them both for 25 years as a part of a wider research project conducted on identical twins in the UK, the so-called Twins Research UK project.

Spector thinks many of the variations in weight occur because of the variations in the microorganism flora in the intestines, also known as microbiota.

The genes influence our weight

Some individuals are conscientiously dieting and doing regular workouts but, despite they struggle very much,  they see no positive outcomes, whereas other individuals are less dedicated and are underweight.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge estimate that the genetic variability that we carry pose a 40-70% effect on our body weight. Therefore, genes can influence our weight loss, as well as the weight gain.

Some genes can influence hunger, the quantity of food we would like to consume, and the types of meals we would like to eat. Also, genetics may also influence in which ways we use calories we eat and if our organism can effectively deal with fats.

The hormones

The effectiveness of a successful Bariatric procedure is not just a matter of shrinking the stomach of a person but also of altering the production of the hormones in the body.

Appetites are regulated by hormones and Bariatric procedure, so far the best way to combat obesity, has been discovered to cause an elevation in the level of hormones that cause us to feel satiety and a decrease in the level of hormones that increase our cravings.

In conclusion, there are many factors which can influence our weight, in either positive or negative ways, but some of them are not very well-known by many of us. Apparently, recent studies revealed that weight loss, as well as the weight gain, is influenced by intestinal flora (microbiota), genes, and hormones, as well.

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