Never Eat This Before Going To Sleep

Never Eat This Before Going To Sleep

If you eat at night, you should know that this is the guaranteed recipe for fattening and sleeping poorly.

Furthermore, your esophagus will be seriously affected. No doubt, you know how unpleasant esophageal reflux can be. Besides, there is also “silent reflux”, which is different from the esophagus reflux. It has the same causes, but without the usual symptoms. Instead of indigestion, the sufferers have sore throats, chronic coughing and difficulty in swallowing. Almost 50% of Americans have a silent reflux and do not know about it.

Dinner is the main culprit. You must eat at least 3 hours before your sleep. But if you can’t help, here are some forbidden foods:
Alcohol. It produces massive reflux.

Juice. It’s acid, and acid damages the valves and increases pressure in the stomach.

Chocolate. Some types are fatty, as are cheeses, nuts (including caju, peanuts, pistachios, almonds are the least harmful).

Specialists recommend alkaline foods such as bananas or chamomile tea. They will fill your stomach in a friendly and healthy way.

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