Health Documentaries On Netflix That You Have To Watch (II)

Health Documentaries On Netflix That You Have To Watch (II)

You might believe you already know everything about healthy living, fitness, and so on. However, you might be misled by the food industry and biased studies. For you to get deeper into this topic, here are some health documentaries on Netflix that you have to watch right now to live a healthy living!

Before plunging into this subject, you should know that everything presented in the following documentaries is independent of any corporation intervention and the outcomes of these health documentaries on Netflix are unbiased and based on the trials and observational studies conduct by the filmmakers themselves.

Health Documentaries On Netflix That You Have To Watch Right Now!

Forks Over Knives

YouTube video

This movie is directed by Lee Fulkerson and studies how a balanced diet rich in vitamin, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients can improve the condition of various illnesses.

On the other hand, this fabulous health movie is also exploring the side effects of consuming processed foods and fast food products.

Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead

YouTube video

This movie talks about how beneficial is the method of juicing for living a healthier life and losing weight, as well. The producer of Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead movie is applying the juicing method to lose weight and enhance his overall health.

Additionally, the producer also follows the juicing beneficial effects on other people who participated in the movie.

Juicing is an easy method to help people consume more plants and vegetables in the form of juices.

The Truth about Alcohol

YouTube video

Well, is alcohol linked to cancer? Is moderate alcohol consumption healthier than consuming alcohol in excess? Are women who consume alcohol more exposed to illnesses than men?

These are just a few of the questions The Truth About Alcohol tries giving a clear answer.

Javid Abdelmoneim, an emergency room doctor, is trying to find the real side effects the alcohol has on the human body and, I’m telling you, is nothing that you can expect.

Before you go, don’t forget to check our first list of the best health documentaries on Netflix and the best workout videos on Netflix.

Fitness Programs

While all of these five fitness programs are great, you might want to take into consideration combining them with other workouts. There are a lot of options available and if you feel that the risk of watching a movie instead of a fitness program is too high, we recommend you the old-fashioned DVDs. Some of these fitness programs also come with a nutrition plan, which would be a complete solution for changing your lifestyle.

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