Green Tea for Weight Loss and Brain Function Boost

Green Tea for Weight Loss and Brain Function Boost

Green tea is a popular drink in Asia for generations. It became popular in Europe only recently, given its strong taste. Now it has extra benefits besides drinking it for pleasure.

Lose weight and improve your brain function with Green Tea

Many dieters and tea manufacturers have long praised the effects of green tea. Now there is another study published in the FASEB journal to confirm its properties. A team of researchers from Yangling in China has discovered that the weight loss process has effects in just a few months.

The study was made using mice and giving them EGCG (green tea compound). The same mice had a better memory condition and cognition in tests.

More on the research

The study was a quantitative study using three-month-old mice and feeding them two grams of EGCG for 16 weeks. The mice were also divided into three groups: a group with a standard diet, a group with a high fructose diet and a group with a high fructose diet and fed EGCG. The two grams of EGCG per liter of water were given to some of the mice.

EGCG is a compound found in green tea and very abundant in antioxidants.

To assess the changes experienced by the mice, the researchers measured their body fat and took a Morris water maze test (placing them in a pool and allowing them to find the escape route out of the water).

Results and Conclusion

The group of mice fed a high fructose diet had a higher body fat than those fed with EGCG or those with standard diet. At the same time, the mice given EGCG performed better in the Morris water maze test.

The author of the study, Dr. Xuebo Liu from Northwest A&F University concluded that green tea is grown in over 30 countries and it only seconds water as the most consumed beverage.

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