Tucker Carlson Calls COVID-19 “The Greatest Crime Ever Committed”

Tucker Carlson Calls COVID-19 “The Greatest Crime Ever Committed”

Tucker Carlson calls COVID-19 the greatest crime that has ever been committed. Here are more details about what he said below.

Tucker Carlson addresses COVID-19

Carlson said that a thousand people were arrested for January 6, but no one has been arrested for the crimes of COVID.

“Millions of people died, and it’s related to a funding decision by Anthony Fauci to fund dangerous research in China,” Rand Paul declared in a previous interview.

Moreover, Fauci enriched himself over the course of the pandemic, increasing his wealth from $7 million to $12 million.

“Anthony Fauci lied to Congress. And the bottom line is he deserves to be in prison.”

Someone commented the following: “While I deeply respect Tucker Carlson as a journalist, I must respectfully disagree with his characterization of COVID-19 as the “greatest crime ever committed.” While it is true that the pandemic and its repercussions have caused immense suffering, it is crucial to approach such statements with nuance and consider the complex nature of infectious diseases. Crimes entail intent and deliberate action, whereas COVID-19 is a tragic outcome of a global health crisis. It is essential to focus on collective efforts to mitigate its impact rather than assigning blame.”

It has been just revealed the fact that Tucker Carlson dropped a video on his X account that shocked the Internet.

Check out what Carlson had to say to Trudeau:

Someone hopped in the comments and said: “@TuckerCarlson4 VP… I’m speaking it into existence!! Tucker has done more for the American ppl than ANY POLITICIAN! Just like TRUMP. Tucker is no bullshit, won’t put up with bullshit, and sees through bullshit! Plus, secret service for life for him and his family! #Tucker4VP!”

More people commented, supporting what Carlson said and blaming Trudeau for what he did during the protests.

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