La Palma Volcano Causes Political Leader of Spain to Opt for Emergency Funds

La Palma Volcano Causes Political Leader of Spain to Opt for Emergency Funds

If there is something in this world you can’t mess with, that is the wrath of nature itself. The Cumbre Vieja volcano from La Palmas proves it pretty well, and there seems to be nothing more dangerous now than living near an active volcano.

Thousands of people were evacuated from the comfort of their own homes, and the terror reached even new heights.

The volcano expels millions of cubic meters of lava

Who said that the Cumbre Vieja volcano wouldn’t continue to spew even more lava?

Ángel Víctor Torres, who is the Canary Islands President, declared as quoted by CNN:

It doesn’t look like it’s close to ending yet, because of the millions of cubic meters of lava that the volcano is throwing out.

Pedro Sanchez, who is the Prime Minister of Spain, has pledged the stunning amount of over 206 million euros in aid to the La Palma island, according to the same source that cites him once again saying:

Next Tuesday, the cabinet will approve a very powerful series of measures with regard to the reconstruction of infrastructure, responding to the problem of water supply, also employment, agriculture, the tourist sector, and fiscal benefits.

Surprisingly or not, but according to, over 80% of the surface of our planet is of volcanic origin. Furthermore, some of the mountains and the seafloor were formed as a result of numerous volcanic eruptions.

However, there are plenty of things to do in case of a volcanic eruption happening in your area. You have to protect yourself against the falling ash, follow the orders received regarding evacuation and shelter, listen for alerts, and so on.

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