Indians Planned To Build Lunar Habitats For Future Human Missions On The Moon

Indians Planned To Build Lunar Habitats For Future Human Missions On The Moon

The development of habitats on the Moon for the expected upcoming human missions has been already planned by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The Moon will be the outpost for space exploration

Our natural satellite, the Moon is the closest space object that can host research operations. Also, ISRO, NASA, ESA, and other space agencies consider the Moon to be the perfect start for manned space exploration missions.

The ISRO (Indian space agency) thought to build their lunar habitats with the help of 3D printers and robots that they plan to send to the Moon. ISRO’s lunar outposts will be constructed with the lunar soil and other materials found on the Moon’s surface.

“We are planning to use the Moon as an outpost — like missions in Antarctica. In the long run, the space station is likely to be scrapped. Many countries, including the US, are considering building more permanent structures on the Moon and working out of there. When that happens, we want India to have contributed,” admitted the director of the ISRO Satellite Centre, M Annadurai.

Indian Space Research Organization has successfully built up a lunar habitat in a simulation

Engineers at ISRO have created 5 different prototypes of their Moon outposts. Even though no space agency scheduled any mission on the Moon in the near future, ISRO’s scientists and engineers hope to have the lunar habitats technology ready.

The ISAC director, Annadurai, said that ISRO had comprehended the methods of producing a lunar-soil-like material that matches the lunar soil samples the Apollo missions brought to Earth by 99.6%.

ISRO’s project has been successfully tested in the agency’s facility that mimics the Moon environment. The Indians managed to create a working model of the lunar outpost using a 3D printer.

As the Indian Space Research organization is working on building lunar habitats, other the space agencies around the world are also working on similar projects for a future manned mission on the Moon. We should expect a very interesting outcome for all these operations.

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