Climate Change Makes Women Give Birth To More Male Newborns

Climate Change Makes Women Give Birth To More Male Newborns

Well, undoubtedly, climate change is influencing our lives. Global warming and extreme weather phenomena are already a significant part of modern days. However, climate change might also make women give birth to more male newborns, as a new study revealed.

Besides rising sea levels, global temperature, ocean warming, drought, and so on, climate change is also impacting natality. In recent research, scientists found out that climate change is causing more male newborns. However, that might not be a harmful consequence, after all, since there are more girls newborns, globally, under normal circumstances.

“The ratio of male to female newborns is fairly constant worldwide, though the ratio has tilted slightly in favor of males since the 17th century, at about 103 to 106 males born for every 100 females. Why, exactly, the ratio isn’t 50:50 has long eluded scientists,” reported Big Think. “One leading theory says the reason there are more boys than girls at birth is that boys are more likely to die in early childhood. So, for a population to reach something like a 50:50 split at reproductive age, it makes sense that the ratio would slightly favor boys,” the news portal added.

Climate Change Makes Women Give Birth To More Male Newborns

However, that’s “not a dramatic influence at first sight, but it should be remembered that in large populations such effect size might mean thousands of ‘extra’ boys annually,” said Samuli Helle, a senior researcher in the Section of Ecology, Department of Biology at the University of Turku in Finland.

“Humans are incredibly adaptable; we got through the Great Ice Age. What will we be after [adapting to climate change]? We will be different. Climate change is going to change the characteristics of the population in ways that maybe can’t be anticipated,” added Ray Catalano, a professor in the school of public health at the University of California, Berkeley, during an interview on CNN.

In conclusion, climate change is now making women give birth to more male newborns, a situation that is not quite harmful to society since there are more women than men on the planet.

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