Tucker Carlson Responds to Colorado’s Supreme Court Decision to Remove Trump off the Ballot

Tucker Carlson Responds to Colorado’s Supreme Court Decision to Remove Trump off the Ballot

It seems that Tucker Carlson is responding to Colorado’s Supreme Court decision to remove Trump from the ballot. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Trump removal does not remain without a response from Carlson

Here is his statement, word for word:

“Whatever else January 6 was, and in some ways, we still don’t know exactly what it was, it was not a Trump-led insurrection. The crowd had no guns. They had no plan to overthrow the government. Nothing like that has ever emerged. And above all, Trump was not leading it. He was miles away at the White House at the time, where he issued a public statement calling for calm and nonviolence.

“So why were the people on television telling us that Trump led an insurrection? This was, of course, a lie, but it was also a very obvious lie. So, clearly, we were watching the rollout of a talking point, words crafted for a specific purpose. But what was the purpose?”

The post continued and revealed:

“We got an answer to that question yesterday when the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that because he led an insurrection, Donald Trump’s name cannot appear on the state’s ballot next fall. The four liberal judges who concluded this cited as their justification Article three of the 14th Amendment, which was written in 1868 to keep former Confederate officials from holding office. That was the sum total of their reasoning, despite the fact Donald Trump has never been convicted by any court of insurrection. And although the 14th Amendment specifically does not apply to the presidency, Donald Trump cannot run for president because he’s an ‘insurrectionist.’

“This seemed like lunacy because it was lunacy. 3000 miles away in El Salvador, there was no question about what was happening. The United States has lost its ability to lecture any other country about, quote, ‘democracy,’ wrote Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele. And yet, in this country, no one on the left dared say that.

“Instead, Donald Trump’s enemies celebrated”

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