Tucker Carlson Addresses The Dangers Of “CBDC Age”

Tucker Carlson Addresses The Dangers Of “CBDC Age”

It has been revealed that more and more people see the dangers that the CBDC age is hiding. One of them seems to be Tucker Carlson, who addressed the subject recently. Check out more details about this below.

Tucker Carlson on CBDCs

Here’s what Carlson had to say in the video that you will see below:

“Once we give up our economic autonomy, we no longer have freedom.”

Tucker Carlson and former presidential candidate, Tulsi Gabbard discuss why CBDC represents the final nail in the coffin for human freedom.

“This is just the latest effort by those in power who are intent on undermining and taking away our freedoms and liberties. This central bank digital currency is about government sanctioned surveillance and control.”

“It’s about them being able to keep track of every single thing that we purchase, whether it’s a stick of gum, or an automobile, or anything in between… It gives them the power to decide we don’t want to allow you to purchase certain things, or we may deem it necessary to freeze your overall account.”

Someone commented: “These unelected official’s globalist elites want to control your money. What say you all will you stand up and fight against it or sit and do nothing? I for one am totally against anyone controlling my money.”

Another follower said: “CBDC’s are definitely a dangerous tool to control the masses, their livelihood. This centralization needs to stop! But it fits in the greater scheme that explains what is happening to the WORLD. Listen to this presentation and you will be CHANGED.”

It has been just revealed the fact that Agustin Carstens, the general of the BIS, which, in case you don’t know, is the central bank of central banks, admitted that CBDCs will grant central bankers absolute control. Check out the latest terrifying reports about this in our previous article. 

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