Truth or Drink Questions: How to Play the Game

Truth or Drink Questions: How to Play the Game

The cool drinking game known as “Truth or Drink” will put the players’ relationships with one another to the test. Somehow, it’s pretty similar to the popular truth or dare game, except you have to drink or not after answering a question. Fun! Find out how to play the game “Truth or Drink” below, along with the rules, as well as some of the most entertaining questions.

Play Truth or Drink: The Rules

Truth or Drink is hands down, one of the most exciting games that you and your friends might play together. It’s a snap to pick up and play, and it adds a little heat. Check out the following rules for Truth or Drink:

  • To play the game, you need at least two or three people. The players take place in a circle, and one of them is selected at random to respond to each question that is asked. You may also choose one of the players to act as the game’s question master so that everything goes off without a hitch.
  • If the player gives an honest response, the game moves on to the next participant in the rotation.
  • If the player does not feel confident answering the question, they have the option of taking a sip from their beverage instead.
  • Because it’s only a game, remember that you shouldn’t put any pressure on the players. Maintain a respectful demeanor and cut back on your alcohol consumption to a manageable level.

Play Truth or Drink: The Questions

  1. Who has the best morals?
  2. Which of the things you looked up on Google is the most embarrassing?
  3. Have you ever been misunderstood by someone?
  4. Have you ever gone on a date with the sole intention of getting a free drink?
  5. In a span of ten minutes, how many beers are you able to down?
  6. When was the last time you go somewhere without brushing your teeth?
  7. Have you ever been subjected to mental abuse from your partner?
  8. How many times do you think you’ve said “I Love you” in your whole life?
  9. What would you do if you discovered a lot of money somewhere random?
  10. Could you remain awake for 48 hours?
  11. How would you describe the perfect romantic date?
  12. Are you passionate about your job?
  13. What is the craziest thing you’ve done to get to know someone better?
  14. Are you interested in someone in this group?
  15. Do you plan to get even with your ex at any point?
  16. If the person sitting next to you asked you to kiss them, would you?
  17. Who among the bunch has the most attractive parents?
  18. Are you afraid of the dark after watching a horror movie?
  19. Who in the group has the most wits about them?
  20. Have you ever been so brazen as to send a snapshot of yourself entirely naked to someone else?
  21. Who do you consider to be your greatest asset: your mother, your father, or your partner?
  22. Have you ever tried to get a drink by lying about your age?
  23. When you kissed someone for the first time, how old were you?
  24. Who is the member of the group that you dislike the most, in your opinion?
  25. Which activity do you and your friends enjoy more, going to the movies or having a karaoke night?
    What song do you always play when you have a party?
  26. What five things would be at the top of your shopping list if you had a million dollars to spend?
  27. Do you like slow, romantic music when you’re all by yourself?
  28. Have you ever been so nervous that you couldn’t do anything at your best?
    When you decided to start drinking for the first time, was it a beer or a strong liquor that you tried?

Would you give Truth or Drink a try next time you gather around with your friends?

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