The Latest AI Update: ChatGPT Will Soon “See, Hear, And Speak”

The Latest AI Update: ChatGPT Will Soon “See, Hear, And Speak”

It seems that AI is evolving more rapidly than some people would like it to. Check out the latest reports about the AI known as ChatGPT below.

New massive AI update

GeekReply just wrote a piece saying that a major update to ChatGPT lets the chatbot respond to images and voice conversations.

“The AI will hear your questions, see the world, and respond.”

On Monday, OpenAI, the non-profit organization responsible for creating ChatGPT and DALL-E, announced that it will be releasing an update called “multimodal” over the next two weeks. This update will add voice and image features to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise.

OpenAI stated in their blog post that the update will be made available to other groups “soon after,” but it is unclear if it will be added to free versions.

The update may include a feature like Siri and Alexa, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers. ChatGPT’s AI is not just a simple search engine, it can creatively and conversationally find patterns and solve complex problems.

Just in case you don’t know, ChatGPT is disrupting a lot of businesses these days, AI being able to replace human work.

As I said before, I maintain my opinion that AI should work with/for humans’ benefits and not against them. AI should never replace important work that humans are doing, otherwise, we would be destroying ourselves.

Not too long ago, we revealed that following research that revealed ChatGPT made up health statistics when asked for info about cancer, doctors are now clearly advising against utilizing the AI program for any medical advice.

More precisely, it appears that one in ten inquiries concerning breast cancer screenings were answered incorrectly by the AI bot, and the right responses weren’t as ‘complete’ as those offered by a quick and simple Google search.

According to researchers, this happened because the AI chatbot occasionally used phony scholarly publications to back up its responses. Check out our previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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