Terrifying Dinosaur Creature With 300 Teeth Was Found In The Ocean

Terrifying Dinosaur Creature With 300 Teeth Was Found In The Ocean

This marine creature, which can play the main role in our nightmares, proves once again how little we know about the depths of the oceans.

The species is so old that it comes from the same era as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which disappeared a long time ago, and looks the same as when Pangaea disintegrated. The creature managed to survive, most likely because of the isolated way of life.

The discovery was pretty much random, and it was made when a team of Portuguese researchers sought to see how they could minimize the number of animals caught involuntarily in fishing nets. Among the unwanted marine creatures, they also found the shark with a snake head and 300 teeth.

Little is known about this animal because it lives in the ocean depths, especially in the Oceania area. He has rarely come into contact with people, and that is why he is the embodiment of the horrors of seafarers in the nineteenth century.

It has no more than two meters, but there are 300 reasons why it is not good to get away from the beach: it has 300 teeth distributed in 25 rows.

The animal has a very simple anatomy, probably due to lack of nutrients from the deep sea. This case is part of a long series of bizarre discoveries made in various areas around the globe.

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