Peanut Allergy Treatment Discovered

Peanut Allergy Treatment Discovered

A major breakthrough was made by Australian researchers regarding the deadly consequences peanut allergy has. The researchers state that they discovered a long-lasting treatment that provides hope for an eventual cure. The clinical trials were conducted by scientists from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute located in Melbourne, where children with peanut allergy were given small doses of peanut protein combined with a probiotic for a period of 18 months.  The experiment was finished in 2013 and the results were more than satisfying: approximately 80% of the children were able to tolerate peanuts.

The research was published in a medical journal, The Lancet, on Wednesday and was also found that after four years, most of the study participants were still able to eat peanuts without the unpleasant reactions. Lead researcher, Mimi Tang, stated that this study holds great importance because the children with peanut allergy were finally able to eat peanuts without suffering the adverse reactions just like the kids with no peanut allergies whatsoever. The researcher adds that the findings are suggesting the treatment is reliable and effective when it comes to long-term tolerance.

This study suggests an exciting perspective that involves tolerance being a realistic goal for treating food allergies in general. Unfortunately, these kinds of allergies affect one in 20 children and approximately two in 100 adults with cow’s milk, eggs, seafood as common triggers. However, peanuts are the most common foods to cause the anaphylactic shock that can lead to death in the worst cases.

These findings are vital for people like Olivia May, for example. She tried to eat peanut butter sandwich when she was little and suffered an allergic reaction that put her life in danger. When she visited an allergist, they recommended clearing the house of all nuts and everything with nuts in it. However, Olivia May was one of the study participants and now developed tolerance and no longer suffers from allergy.

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