Hunter Biden Filmed Himself Smoking Crack Behind the Wheel – He’s Driving at 172 mph on Way to Vegas: Photos

Hunter Biden Filmed Himself Smoking Crack Behind the Wheel – He’s Driving at 172 mph on Way to Vegas: Photos

According to a report from the New York Post, Hunter Biden was allegedly caught on camera smoking crack while driving a car in 2018. This was the same year he took a photo of himself driving a Porsche at 172 mph. The report claims that thousands of photos were uploaded from Biden’s abandoned laptop by a nonprofit firm called Marco Polo, led by former Donald Trump aide Garrett Ziegler. In the photos, Biden can be seen smoking what appears to be a crack pipe while driving through a residential neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia on June 12, 2018.

Less than two months later, he was seen racing to Las Vegas on August 1, when he took a snap of the car’s dashboard, revealing that he was going at least 172 mph.

The pictures were found on Biden’s infamous laptop, which also contained messages to multiple women waiting for him to arrive in Sin City for a hot tub party, the Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Cocaine at the White House!

An official with knowledge of the investigation revealed that the white substance discovered at the White House on Sunday during a lab test was confirmed to be cocaine. The substance was found in a small, zippered bag in a heavily frequented area of the West Wing, causing a brief evacuation as reported by a U.S. Secret Service official. It remains uncertain how long the bag was in the White House, and the unclear timeline and numerous individuals who pass through the area where the cocaine was found might pose a challenge in determining who was accountable for the substance, according to a source familiar with the investigation as reported by NBC News on Tuesday.

An investigation is being led

An investigation into the discovery of cocaine at the White House is being led by the Secret Service, utilizing surveillance footage and entry records. The substance was discovered by officers during routine patrols, and preliminary and formal lab tests confirmed it to be cocaine. It’s worth noting that President Joe Biden was not present at the White House when the discovery was made, as he was at Camp David.

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