Hong Kong Experts Use Advanced AI To Reveal Human Brain Modeling

Hong Kong Experts Use Advanced AI To Reveal Human Brain Modeling

AI is getting so many use cases for this world, that it’s mind-blowing. Check out the latest reports about the experts in Hong Kong and their achievements.

Hong Kong experts and their AI achievements

Hong Kong scientists are embarking on an ambitious mission to enhance AI capabilities by seeking inspiration from the human brain. Spearheading this revolutionary quest is Li Can, an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong.

His team aims to propel AI systems into realms of lifelong learning and versatile task performance, mirroring the astounding capacities of the human mind.

“At the core of our pursuit lies the aspiration to develop AI systems capable of perpetual learning and adaptive functionality, reminiscent of the human brain’s unparalleled capabilities,” Li asserted.

One of the main objectives in the field of artificial intelligence is to develop more effective and powerful hardware. This is considered a crucial step towards creating the next generation of AI systems.

Li Can, an expert in the field, explains that while human brains are good at experiential learning and reasoning from uncertain data, computers are better suited for scientific computations and repetitive tasks.

To bridge this gap, Li and his team have been exploring an emerging memory device called the memristor. This microelectronic platform imitates the complex behavior of biological synapses and neurons, and could potentially revolutionize AI hardware.

Li emphasized that while the human brain is superior in experiential learning and reasoning based on ambiguous data, computers excel in scientific computations and pattern-driven derivations.

Each chip created during this research and development process is like a newborn, similar to a training model that will continue to evolve over time, much like a growing child.

I’ve already covered this topic, the fact that AI is really similar to a child a while ago. It all depends on what data you feed it.

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