FBI Warning: Domestic Threats Connected to Israel–Hamas War

FBI Warning: Domestic Threats Connected to Israel–Hamas War

Everyone knows about the latest geopolitical issues and tensions stemming from the Irsael-Hamas war. Now, it seems that the FBI has just issued a warning, so make sure to check out the latest reports about this below.

FBI issues dire warning

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, there has been a rise in reported domestic threats since the Hamas terrorist group launched an unprecedented attack on Israel.

Mr. Wray stated that the FBI is taking swift action to mitigate these threats. He further stated that it is possible for Hamas and other terrorist groups to exploit the conflict to plot attacks in the United States. CBS reported that Mr. Wray said, “The threat is very much ongoing and in fact, the threat picture continues to evolve.”

Mr. Wray also warned that there is a possibility for Hamas and other foreign terror organizations to call for their supporters to carry out attacks on US soil. Speaking at an international police chief conference in San Diego, California, Mr. Wray said that the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has created a “heightened environment” in the US, where Hamas-inspired bad actors may seek to wreak havoc on home soil.

“In this heightened environment, there’s no question we’re seeing an increase in reported threats, and we have to be on the lookout, especially for lone actors who may take inspiration from recent events to commit violence of their own,” he told the conference.

“And I’d encourage you to stay vigilant, because as the first line of defense in protecting our communities, you’re often the first to see the signs that someone may be mobilizing to violence,” he added. “And I’d also ask you to continue sharing any intelligence or observations you may have.”

During a speech, Mr. Wray did not provide any further details about the alleged threats. It is also not clear if his department has taken any action against them.

However, he did offer his condolences to the people of Israel and strongly condemned anti-Semitism.

Mr. Wray pointed out that throughout history, there have been instances of anti-Semitic and other forms of violent extremism. These threats can come from foreign terrorist organizations, those inspired by them, or domestic violent extremists motivated by their own racial animus. Regardless of their origin, the targeting of a community because of their faith is unacceptable. He reassured his commitment to continue confronting these threats both in the United States and overseas.

It is important to note that Mr. Wray’s remarks came on the same day that Israeli military leaders announced that their 300,000-member strong force was preparing for a full-scale ground invasion of Hamas-controlled Gaza.

This followed a call on 1.1 million civilians, nearly half of Gaza’s population, to leave the northern part of the enclave.

In a similar vein, a group of 10 Republican senators on Friday issued a joint statement urging Americans to “remain vigilant” to safeguard their communities against “potential perpetrators” inspired by Hamas’s brutality.
“To any bad actors who dare cross onto American soil seeking to exploit the crisis in Israel and wreak havoc domestically, our message is clear: Any threat to the United States will be pursued and suppressed swiftly, forcefully and to the fullest extent of U.S. justice,” the letter reads. “Your vile and hateful acts have no place here.”

High alert in big cities

In major US cities, police are on high alert due to fears of violence at pro-Palestinian demonstrations after a former Hamas leader’s encouragement.
“Deliver a message, through the squares in and the streets, a message of anger that we are with Palestine, that we are with Gaza, with al-Aqsa, with Jerusalem and that we are a part of this battle,” Khaled Mashal, a founding member of the terror group who lives in Qatar, said in a video statement that has been widely circulated on social media. “This is the moment for the [Arab] nation to join in the fight.”

The Los Angeles Police Department has announced that it is closely monitoring pro-Palestinian demonstrations which will take place this weekend in the area.

It is expected that more than a thousand supporters and counter-protesters will attend. The department has also mentioned that they are maintaining close contact with both the Jewish and Muslim communities.

The Chicago Police Department has announced that they are paying special attention to synagogues and mosques. The aim is to ensure that all residents are safe. A bomb threat was received by a synagogue in Skokie, a Chicago suburb, forcing an evacuation on Thursday.

However, a police investigation found no credible threat.

Capitol Police in Washington have announced that they will be enhancing security at the complex. Residents should expect increased visibility in the area, including at places of worship and schools. This is to ensure the safety of the area, although there are no credible threats at this time.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City stated that there were no specific threats against the city. However, he assured the citizens that law enforcement would be increased in areas where protests were expected. He emphasized that every New Yorker, especially Jewish New Yorkers and other groups, should be aware that the city was safe.

Mayor Adams also mentioned the pro-Palestinian rally that took place in Times Square, where thousands of demonstrators marched under the watchful eye of the New York City police. As the conflict in the Middle East intensifies, the Israeli government has advised its citizens living abroad not to participate in any local protests or demonstrations.

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