A Fake News Is Viral On Facebook – And It Is Life-Threatening!

A Fake News Is Viral On Facebook – And It Is Life-Threatening!

Fake news and shocking announcements are not a rarity on Facebook. A new life-threatening piece of fake news has gone viral on Facebook. According to the fake breaking news, a CDC doctor admitted that the flu epidemics in the US that caused so many deaths have happened due to ‘disastrous flu shots’.

The shocking statement of the fictional CDC doctor

According to the fake piece of news, a CDC doctor was craped out by the uselessness of this year’s flu shots. He stated that some of the patients he has administered the flu shot have died. Then, he continued to blame the guilt on flu shots as he said that flu shots are more dangerous than the flu virus itself.

The result

Such statements coming from a ‘CDC’ doc are horrific and represent a good reason why to share them on social media. But ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’. And that’s exactly what it happened in this case.

Hundreds of people shared the fake news which became viral, then dozens of people agreed with the fictional doctor and many got involved in long and energy-consuming debates on social networks. Now, there are people who declared will not get their flu shots this year.

The truth

In reality, the piece of news was posted on yournewswire.com which is a site that debates topics such as “Is President Putin A Time Traveller?” and “George Soros: Donald Trump Is A ‘Grave Danger’ To The New World Order”. As you might think now, yournewswire.com makes a living out of conspiracies, unproven mysteries, New World Order, and so on.

Therefore, such a news source it’s far from being trustworthy!

The medical point of view on the flu shots

Doctors from all over the world and real CDC officials have said it since the first anti-flu shots campaigns emerged. The flu shots don’t contain live forms of the flu virus. The virus form in the flu shots is deactivated in order to trigger the desired immune system’s response which leads to the formation of the antibodies that will stop the flu virus’s spread and actions when this will be contracted. But will not get you sick!

In conclusion, it is wise to take your news from a reliable source and to check a piece of news on many sources before taking it for granted.

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