Donald Trump Just Said He Will Never Allow The Creation Of A CBDC

Donald Trump Just Said He Will Never Allow The Creation Of A CBDC

Former President Donald Trump said that he would never allow for the creation of a CBDC. Check out the video in order to see his complete explanation.

Donald Trump on CBDCs

Donald Trump said tonight he will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency while he’s President. The CBDC would give the government an opportunity to monitor your cash and completely control you.

“In 2022 the Canadian government froze bank accounts of protestors. If they had digital currency, the government would’ve been able to completely freeze every penny the protestors had. This would be a huge win because we don’t need another method for the government to control and spy on us.”

Someone commented: “Blocking CBDCs is a win for anyone who ever whispered a secret, saved a dollar, or sought to spend without strings. When every transaction becomes a trackable transaction, we’re not far from a fiscal fishbowl where our every economic move is monitored. Keeping currency out of complete government control isn’t just smart, it’s American.”

Republican Vivek Ramaswamy has dropped out of the race and has endorsed Donald Trump.

Vivek has a bright future, says Collin Rugg.

Someone commented: “He’s also going to NH tomorrow to speak for him. This might be the beginning of the union. I believe he allowed Trump to be the godfather and is now going to be approved. Maybe even as VP.”

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