Detoxing Your Body in a Healthy Way is Now Possible, Here’s How

Detoxing Your Body in a Healthy Way is Now Possible, Here’s How

There are so many ways to detox your body that you can’t really know what to choose. Maybe you want to recover from a wild party or to get back to work. Whatever the reason is, finding a way to detox your body is essential.

Here are only a few ways to detox your body healthily, backed by specialists and the latest trends.

More Water, Please!

Detox is something you start and stop. Keep that in mind if you aim to get the best results. So, you should begin with something easy: water.

If you’re feeling low-energy, then it’s time to up your water intake. Usually, the amount you should drink daily depends on your level of activity, the climate, whether you’re pregnant or not, and, of course, the environment.

Luckily, you can also add some high-water foods, including berries, melons, and greens, for a great boost of hydration and nutrition.

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Eat Mindfully and Support Your Digestion

Did you know that how you eat is also super important? It can make a big difference in your digestion, especially during your full-body detox.

So, feeling satisfied instead of stuffed after a meal is essential. Marisa Moore, RDN, dietitian, explains:

“Pacing yourself and practising present, mindful eating can prevent you from overeating and feeling sluggish afterward.”

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Take Care of Your Skin

If you still don’t use a moisturizer, then it’s time to start! Choosing to take care of your skin is crucial because, after all, the skin is the body’s largest detox organ, right?

Also, you can try infrared saunas and sweat a bit to enhance detoxing through the skin.

Manage Your Sleep and Stress

A full-body reset also needs a mental reset. Sleep is linked to stress and how you control it. So, trying a new exercise routine and meditation should help you focus on what’s important and take your mind away from stress!

Remember to discuss with your doctor for better support through your detox journey!

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