Cannabis Legalization In Canada Arises Questions About The Impact The Cannabis Smoke May Have On Non-Smokers

Cannabis Legalization In Canada Arises Questions About The Impact The Cannabis Smoke May Have On Non-Smokers

With the upcoming Cannabis legalization in Canada, many questions arise, particularly about the impact the Cannabis smoke may have on non-smokers. Secondhand smoke from cannabis is perceived as a major problem by many Canadians. However, there is no clear definition of whether it represents a health risk or not.

Since Cannabis has always been illegal in Canada, there have been only a few inconclusive studies on the potentially harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

However, studies have taken place in other countries. Among the research that exists, there is information that indicates that there are probably risks, somewhat similar to passive smoking related to tobacco products.

The health risk of Cannabis smoke on non-smokers appears to vary with the concentration of smoke in the air

Some of the research has shown that the smaller a place is, the more smoke there is and the more risks are existing. However, when it comes to outdoors, no passive smoker will get high.

However, other studies showed that secondhand smoke can have effects on non-smokers behavior as there were recorded changes in driving abilities, as well as changes at the cognitive level and increased THC levels in the blood.

Officials demand more studies as the Cannabis legalization in Canada is getting closer

In the emergence of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the lack of studies in Canada on the harmfulness of cannabis smoke on non-smokers had prompted the Working Group on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation to recommend that legislators extend the “current limitations on smoking in public places to include the use of cannabis products and cannabis vaporizing products.”

The number of studies on the effects of Cannabis smoke on non-smokers should increase once Cannabis is legalized, the officials agree. Also, Ginette Poulin said that “more research to better understand” the situation of cannabis-non-smoking Canadians are needed, as the Cannabis legalization in Canada is on the verge.

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