Dangerous Mosquitoes Established a Colony in Ontario?

Dangerous Mosquitoes Established a Colony in Ontario?

Recent news regarding some species of mosquitoes that could be carrying the Zyka virus worried the citizens of Ontario. But this is not all, because specialists say that the mosquitoes, which are able to carry not only the Zyka virus, but also other dangerous tropical diseases, could have established an entire colony in the south side of Ontario.

After the specialists discovered and tested 17 mosquitoes that were carrying the illness, 3 more Asian tiger mosquitoes have been found in Windsor-Essex.

The locals aren’t the only ones that are concerned; the region’s medical officer of health also says that the fact that the mosquitoes gathered at this time of the year is very unusual. Specialists think that the mosquitoes might have established a permanent colony. Last year the mosquitoes were seen during October, but they came in August, a fact that could only mean that they have become already adults and their colony might be just minutes away from the crowded cities.

The way U.S citizens woke up with Zyka virus carrying mosquitoes in their countries is still uncertain. The most probable theory is the one that states the fact that the mosquitoes were brought by accident by shipping containers.

Even if the theory is true, it still won’t matter because the mosquitoes are already inside. It is obvious that some measures have to be taken in order to get rid of the mosquitoes. Even if some of them have been tested and the results came out negative, it doesn’t mean that the problem has been solved.

Fortunately, there is still hope. Because the news was already starting to panic the people from the areas in which the Asian tiger mosquitoes have been seen, the health units are preparing to take action, namely they’re planning to investigate the mosquito problem in southwestern Ontario and get rid of the possible colony.

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