Americans Lack Knowledge About Food, Diets And Eating Habits

Americans Lack Knowledge About Food, Diets And Eating Habits

Many Americans do not know enough about food and eating habits. A third of them have no idea what genetically modified food means, all of this according to the Food Literacy and Engagement Pool.

The Food Literacy and Engagement Pool

Most people who did not know that food with no genetically modified ingredients contain genes were mostly young and wealthy. They are also the group more likely to describe themselves as having a deeper understanding of the global food system.

The Food Literacy and Engagement Pool is going to be conducted annually and it is part of the FOO@MSU initiative started at Michigan State University by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

The mission of the Food@MSU is to make people aware of their food choices and make them aware of the communities in the developing world which are in need of rapid scientific innovation. The only way of making progress is by raising public awareness.

Americans do not live on farms anymore

Only 2% of Americans live on farms and daily more and more are moving out to the big cities and suburbs. The pool involving 1,000 Americans of 18 years old of age were asked questions online. The answers were separated by age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and income. The result indicated that 48% of Americans do not seek information on where their food was grown or the way in which it was produced. 51% of the intervened subjects were actually in favor of paying more money for food made with less environmental impact and damage.

Food safety is top priority

50% of the interviewed subjects did express their concern over the safety of the food available for them to purchase. It is important that they open their eyes and ears since 40 million Americans suffer from foodborne illnesses each year.

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