AI vs. Humans: AI Is a Productivity Enhancer, Not A Replacement For Humans

AI vs. Humans: AI Is a Productivity Enhancer, Not A Replacement For Humans

We already know that AI is evolving at a really rapid pace these days, and a lot of people fear that the massive tech could take over the world. Check out the latest reports that should be a bit comforting.

AI to complement humans’ work productivity not replace them

In 2023, generative AI has proven to be very useful in many industries as machine learning advancements have been able to automate certain “time-consuming workflows”. However, as more businesses adopt this technology, concerns around replacing jobs become more prevalent.

Troy Pospisil, the Founder and CEO of AI firm Ontra, discusses the balance between productivity gains and the impact on the labor force in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live.

Pospisil argues that in complex fields like private equity, administrative workloads have become “really cumbersome.”

Tasks have become almost impossible to achieve with just employees, leading to the adoption of AI. However, Pospisil emphasizes that the purpose of AI is to enhance productivity, not replace a creative and intelligent workforce.

For more expert insights and the latest market updates, watch the full episode of Yahoo Finance Live.

2024 predictions for AI

A little over a year ago, only a few people knew about AI-powered chatbots such as Chat GPT, Bard, and Llama. These chatbots claimed to improve productivity, but many were concerned about them causing job losses. However, over the past year, these chatbots have helped people all around the world create content much faster than they could have on their own.

Despite initial concerns, there haven’t been any significant job losses yet. In fact, there are now more similar chatbots available that specialize in coding applications, producing video and graphic content, or creating music.

However, some critics argue that chatbots that use large language models have the tendency to plagiarize content from the internet, resulting in dull, inaccurate, or biased responses.

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