6 Kettlebell Exercises That Will Melt Your Fat

6 Kettlebell Exercises That Will Melt Your Fat

The kettlebell dumbbells combine cardio exercises with resistance, using continuous (sometimes depleting) movements without giving you rest time between halves. What does that mean, actually? That inclusion of these 6 exercises in your regular training will produce a metabolic stress that will become the number one enemy of fat.

The kettlebell balancing is the mother of all exercises of this type. It is perfect for metabolic conditioning because it requires continuous movements, energy and total body control at the descent. This will turn your back into a plant that will feed the metabolic engine. To perform this correct exercise, keep your back straight, your neck in line with your column and your soft knees. The pressure must be on the hips, not on the legs.

Gantry lifting also involves bending the knee, so more force in the legs. You should push yourself from bottom to top so that kettlebell can jump and touch a moment of imponderability at the top. Use your hands to control this descent without pausing.

Kettlebell fanstands stretch your leg in front so you can expand more, which will stimulate your buttock muscles. The position in which you hold the kettlebell helps strengthen your shoulders.

Genuflexions with kettlebell are, by far, one of the best variations on this subject. Thanks to the weight position right in the upper part of the body, this movement allows you to lower yourself, maintaining a straight posture due to the need to counterbalance the weight. This transforms genuflexion not only into a constructive exercise but also into a growth of mobility.

One-handed lifting of the dumbbell above your head is a stability exercise because you need to control the triple, wrist, arm and shoulder to keep the kettlebell from falling.

A Russian twist with kettlebell is a classic twist drill, suitable for the development of oblique abdominal muscles. And the kettlebell is a perfect tool for resisting this exercise because it has a handle that makes it easy to grasp.

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