Texas Governor Tested Positive for Covid-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated 

Texas Governor Tested Positive for Covid-19 Despite Being Fully Vaccinated 

On August 17, the Office Of Texas Governor published a statement announcing Governor Greg Abbott teste positive for the SARS-CoV02 virus. The positive test came in yesterday, and Greg Abbott is in isolation at the Governor’s Mansion. The statement clarified that the Texas Governor is fully vaccinated and will continue his duties from home. 

Texas Governor will receive Covid-19 treatment

According to the press release, Greg Abbott will be tested daily, and he will receive the Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment. A few days ago, the Governor of Texas brought nine additional Covid-19 antibody infusion centers to provide treatment for those in need and prevent those infected from being hospitalized. He also requested five mortuary trailers as the state has seen a surge in the number of daily new cases, and many hospitals are struggling to find enough beds for all the Covid-19 positive patients. 

Greg Abbott is in good health

The press release mentions that the Governor is in good health and has no symptoms yet. His wife, first lady Vevillia Abbott tested negative. All those in close contact with the Governor have been notified. The Governor plans to keep close contact communication with his staff and other officials to remain informed of everything.

Texas Governor was one of the other officials who opposed the mask mandate and banned school districts from requiring masks. He also wanted the economy to get back on track and authorized businesses to open at 100% of their capacity back in march. Many health officials disagreed with his decisions and warned him that a new Covid-19 wave is already happening in the U.S. However, Greg Abbott explained that too many people suffered due to the restrictions and the pandemic. Although masks are not mandatory and businesses have opened, people still need to take care of themselves.

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