New York Man Died After He Ate Squirrel Brains

New York Man Died After He Ate Squirrel Brains

It might be shocking for many but, indeed, there was an American who ate squirrel brains. As a consequence, that 61-year-old New York backwoods gourmand died after developing a deadly brain disorder triggered by squirrel brains he ate.

As reported by the UK news portal DailyMail, that happened in 2015 at a Rochester hospital where the man went complaining of losing his ability to walk correctly, think, and losing touch with reality. According to the DailyMail report, the doctors diagnosed the New York man with a brain disorder triggered by the same proteins that cause the so-called “mad cow disease.”

However, the medical personnel could not link the man’s situation to anything, that until the family of the New York man admitted he was a hunter and had recently eaten squirrel brains.

The happening was disclosed at the annual meeting on infectious diseases, according to Live Science.

New York Man Died After He Ate Squirrel Brains

The medical personnel at the Rochester Regional Health released a report on the event in which they presented, during the yearly conference on infectious diseases, that there were four confirmed cases of the rare “mad cow” disease within a six-month period.

The high number of suspected cases forced doctors to review all the cases recorded at the Rochester Regional Health hospital between 2013 and 2018. According to the specialists, they found one more evidence, increasing the total to five. However, two of them turned out to be negative for “mad cow disease,” which also revealed the case of the New York man who died after he ate squirrel brains.

An MRI examination and a test of his cerebrospinal fluid revealed the proteins that usually trigger “mad cow disease.” According to the medical analysis, the man suffered from the most severe form of the disorder. More important, four out of the five “mad cow disease” cases occurred across the USA.

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