Denmark To Resume Restrictions Due to Covid

Denmark To Resume Restrictions Due to Covid

Several countries tried to ditch Covid related restrictions after more than 70 % of people got vaccinated against the new coronavirus. Denmark decided two months ago to lift domestic restrictions after its Government determined the SARS-CoV-2 infection is not a critical threat anymore. Recent statistics mention that over 76% of Danish people are fully vaccinated against the new coronavirus.

However, the country has been experiencing a surge in the number of daily new cases. Around 2000 new infections are being reported on a daily basis, and this is not great news for the Danish authorities. Back in September, the country had less than 600 new infections daily, and authorities decided to remove all restrictions.

The Danish Government Might Resume Some of the Restrictions

Because the number of daily new infections is surging, the Danish authorities might decide to revive some of the Covid related restrictions. Sources mention that the Danish Government is thinking about reintroducing some restrictions, such as the corona pass or a negative Covid test to enter certain places such as restaurants.

Some health experts in Denmark are calling for a new mask mandate, including Eskild Petersen, an infectious diseases professor from Aarhus University. He declared recently that a new mask mandate is necessary to avoid closing schools and prevent more cases.

The situation in Europe is getting worse during the cold season

As winter approaches, many European countries are battling a new wave of Covid infections. Some countries have a high inoculation rate, but they are still fighting to control the pandemic. Germany has been dealing with many daily new cases, and Austria and Iceland decided to reintroduce restrictions.

In France, President Macron announced a new vaccine mandate for all health workers, and in Romania, unvaccinated people have to respect a curfew on weekends. Many countries are adding new restrictions and even debating possible lockdowns.

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