Cannabis Has The Potential To Protect Against Ovarian Cancer, According To 2 New Studies

Cannabis Has The Potential To Protect Against Ovarian Cancer, According To 2 New Studies

The findings of several recent research to prove the cancer-fighting power of cannabis have demonstrated that it could one day be helpful as a herbal treatment for ovarian cancer. Hemp is a member of the cannabis family, like marijuana is, but has no recreational or psychoactive qualities and is not a drug.

Sara Biela and Chase Turner, from the Sullivan University School of Pharmacy, in Kentucky, in the US, introduced the new discoveries concerning the anti-carcinogenic attributes of cannabis during the San Diego Experimental Biology 2018 meeting.

“Hemp, like marijuana, contains therapeutically valuable components such as cannabidiol, cannabinol, and tetrahydrocannabinol,” said Biella. In contrast to marijuana, though, the healing capacity of hemp remains understudied.

Two new trials explored the pharmaceutical properties of a hemp extract called KY-hemp, which is manufactured from cannabis cultivated in Kentucky. The strains of the cannabis plant, cultivation techniques, and manufacturing procedures have been refined to yield an extract that includes only therapeutically beneficial compounds and eliminated the waste compounds which might damage the product.

Cannabis (hemp) has the potential to protect against ovarian cancer

In the first study, investigators discovered that adding multiple servings of KY-hemp extract to grown ovarian cancer cells resulted in a substantial reduction in dose-dependent cell migration. This discovery suggested the extract may be useful in halting or decelerating the spread of cancer to other tissues.

In the second one, investigators examined the pharmacological protection of KY-hemp in the fight to prevent ovarian cancer, as observed in prior trials. Trials on grown ovarian cancer cells revealed that KY-hemp diminished the production of the IL-1 beta interleukin, which causes inflammatory conditions which may be dangerous, as they are linked to the development of cancer.

The slowdown initiated by hemp in the production of IL-1 beta interleukin constitutes the potential biological engine behind the anti-cancer properties of KY-Hemp.

In conclusion, despite that further thorough trials are needed, apparently, cannabis has the potential to protect against ovarian cancer, according to 2 recent studies.

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