An Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment That Fixes Alzheimer’s Gene Has Been Developed

An Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment That Fixes Alzheimer’s Gene Has Been Developed

An investigation carried out in the Gladstone Institute, in California, in the United States, has brought up one of the most awaited news in terms of Alzheimer’s Disease treatment. The group of researchers in charge of this investigation has managed to neutralize for the first time the most important gene related to Alzheimer’s disease.

ApoE4 protein, the main culprit for Alzheimer’s Disease

Previous studies have shown that Apolipoprotein E4 (ApoE4) is the main cause of Alzheimer’s Disease development. In fact, it has been observed that having a copy of this gene doubles the probability of developing the disease, while two copies increase the risks by up to 12 times.

The team of researchers has taken a giant step towards the cure of Alzheimer’s, as reported by

The Gladstone Institute set out to establish whether it was the ApoE4 protein itself that caused the symptoms or was the lack of it.

Alzheimer’s gene was fixed by the researchers

The researchers used stem cell technology to create new neurons from the cells that had been donated by patients suffering from the disease. Once created, the scientists used a genetic structure corrector to combat it.

The result was that they managed to eliminate any trace of the disease.

This data made everyone consider it a real breakthrough in the cure of Alzheimer’s and the researchers have given up on conducting studies on relatively similar cells, such as mice cells, and went directly to treat human cells.

The researchers themselves have already made direct contact with the pharmaceutical industry to start working on a possible medicine or vaccine containing the so-called “structure corrector” in their composition.

It is estimated that, in a period of about 10 years, people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease can live with the disease without having to face its devastating symptoms or will be able to cure it completely with the new gene fixing Alzheimer’s Disease treatment.

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