Americans are Facing too Much Stress Driven By Fear

Americans are Facing too Much Stress Driven By Fear

Vivek Murthy, a former surgeon general is worried about Americans’ level of stress. He was a surgeon general for 3 years, from 2017 to 2017 and has had to say a few words on daily struggles. He was interested in transportation, neighborhoods and housing, being an advocate for reliable, safe and affordable solutions. Now he’s concerned with mental health and healthy habits.

He is trying to promote the idea that mental health is not a taboo subject, and should be addressed before it does too much harm.

In an interview with National Geographic he admitted that mental and emotional health is as important as physical health and a healthy diet. He has been through a lot of places where he saw people in emotional pain and reached to the conclusion that having a good emotional health will help people to be resilient when they face other problems.

How Can We Fix Emotional Pain

The way to fix emotional pain is to first acknowledge it and then cultivate it through sleep, meditation, gratitude and physical activity. Social connection is also an important factor which will help reduce the stress in our lives.

Too Many People Are Driven by Fear

Vivek Murthy said he is worried of the stress level in America, preventing the people to reach a great potential.

He has arrived to the conclusion that people are led by two emotions: love and fear. While live will promote joy, compassion, kindness and gratitude, fear will only promote anger, jealousy, and anxiety.

He thinks that too many people are driven by fear instead of being driven by love. And this option has been enforced by the power of news which will not promote positive emotions and will mostly focus on the state of the world from a negative point of view.

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