New Antibiotics Could Get Us Rid Of Gonorrhea

New Antibiotics Could Get Us Rid Of Gonorrhea

Sexually transmitted diseases still concern us today, not only because they are causing infertility and other problems, but also because even the treatment isn’t effective anymore. Controlling its side effects and the treatment administration are difficult as well.

One of the top priorities is the infection gonorrhea that is sexually transmitted. It has become a priority because almost 78m gonorrhea infections are reported per year. It is also the “second order importance“ issue of this type after chlamydia.

Scientists are trying to find some ways that could make us win one more battle against sexually transmitted diseases and they managed to do so with the new type of antibiotic that has been found. For now, this new antibiotic is giving us hope, even though the scientists are still running tests only on animals. It is called “closthioamide” and many scientists recognized its success.

Researchers from Imperial College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine gathered and tested 149 samples of the bacteria from different patients. It appears that even the small doses of this new antibiotic proved to be effective against the bacteria.

Even Dr. John Heap, from Imperial’s department of life sciences and Victoria Miari, head of College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine acknowledged closthioamide’s “strength” in the combat against the bacteria. However, their concern is that we are still far away from the moment we will be able to share this medicine to anyone who might be in need on a global scale.

Another good part about closthioamide is the fact that it can be reproduced synthetically. So there’s no need to stress about large quantities of bacteria that should be grown.

Considering all of these, the best thing that could protect us from contacting a sexually transmitted disease is prevention. This being also the doctor’s advice.

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