Effective Natural Treatments And Remedies For Cancer That Changed Medicine

Effective Natural Treatments And Remedies For Cancer That Changed Medicine

Cancer is a difficult disease and it can affect different parts of our bodies. There are, unfortunately, many types of cancer and not many effective treatments. Some very aggressive treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which don’t pay off always can be very difficult to bear. Down below you will find a few natural treatments that have worked for some cancer patients.

The Johanna Budwig Protocol

Dr. Johanna Budwig was a German expert in pharmacology and lipids and the authorities considered her an expert on fats and oils. She developed a specific diet to counteract a type of cancer which occurs due to a long use of conventionally processed fats and hydrogenated oils. The diet consists of replacing the bad fats and oils with unsaturated fatty acids to rejuvenate cells. Some of the fats recommended by her are cottage cheese, flaxseeds and oils.

The Preteolytic enzyme therapy

The first to propose this type of therapy was John Beard in 1906. According to his research, pancreatic proteolytic enzymes are the body’s main defense against cancer. His diet includes eating high doses of porcine-based pancreatic enzymes and an overall holistic diet so as to determine the body to heal itself.

Chelation therapy

The Vitamin C chelation therapy signifies the use of natural compounds to remove the toxic metals from our bodies. This type of therapy is recommended by holistic doctors and naturopaths.
According to a study published in the Free Radical Biology & Medicine journal, vitamin C chelation therapy has high pro-oxidant levels, which is good in the case of cancer patients. They are believed to destroy cancer cells.

The Gerson Therapy

Named after Dr. Max Gerson who developed this natural treatment and juicing, the diet consists of using the body’s ability to heal itself and a special diet which included organic foods, raw juices, coffee enemas and more.

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